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Ambra dei Bimbi

Ambra dei Bimbi - Baltic amber

teething necklace is a traditional

European baby teething remedy.

Many parents spend countless hours looking for a homeopathic

product that provides relief for teething symptoms.

Natural Baltic Amber teething necklaces are the ideal

solution for your teething baby.

Certified Amber by International Amber Association

Ambra dei Bimbi Baby Amber Teething Necklaces (necklace or bracelet)

is made of 100% natural Baltic sea Amber.

We never use plastic amber imitation or reconstructed or melted amber.

Ambra dei Bimbi Baby Amber Teething Necklaces are available in various colors:

classic color honey also called color cognac, variety in the mix - a mixture of various natural shades,

dark cherry, lemon or butterscotch.

Every amber necklace has been hand-crafted by Baltic Amber specialists with generations

of experience who carefully polish and softly round the Baltic Amber beads.

Unlike cheaper amber 'chips', Ambra dei Bimbi uses rounded polished beads,

which lay comfortably against baby's skin.

This allows maximum skin contact and gives added comfort to your child.

Ambra dei Bimbi Baby Amber Teething Necklaces are designed and custom made for babies,

all they have to do is wear it on their skin, to diminish the pain and discomfort caused by teething.

An appropriate length of teething necklaces is (approx 12inch or 32 cm) to ensure the majority of children

should not be able to fit the necklace in their mouth while it is been worn.

Amber necklaces can be worn by children aged between 2 months to 2 years of age -

which is about the time baby teething stops.

Succinic acid, a substance naturally contained in amber works as a natural analgesic,

only by simple contact with the skin of the child releases healing oils

that helps babies to stay calm and more relaxed throughout teething.

- Can calm the pain (analgesic)

- Can reduces inflammation (antibacterial)

- Can reduces fever (stimulates the immune system)

- Can helping healing of the gums (self-healing)

- Can reduces excessive salivation (positive influence on the glands)

- Can help sleeping (soothing)

Note: We never use plastic amber imitation or reconstructed or melted amber.

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